NFC is an experimental Web3 event that brings the global NFT community together.
NFC exists to help shape the future of Web3 events. 
These are the core values we are committed to:
Real //
We are real NFT people.
We're not here to surf any wave, only those in the ocean.
Radical //
We take risks in our creative thinking and line up.
Token-Based //
We implement token-based experiences for real life events whenever possible.
Inclusive //
We are all gender-friendly and stand for equity. Diversity is The magic.
Curated //
Quality comes first.
Get original and fresh content.  
Our curators select every talk and artwork to offer the most cutting-edge program.
Bespoke //
Expect the unexpected.  
We are dealers of out-of-the-box experiences for our speakers and partners. We create long-lasting memories.
Family //
We take care of and fight for our community.
We build honest relationships.
We respect our core values .
No bullshit here.
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