What are the ticketing phases?

Genesis holders
12 Dec - 25 Dec
Free entrance for all of our genesis tickets holders.
Jan - Feb
Frens & Family.
Don't miss out.
Feb - Apr
Top tier collections.
Have one, get one.
Apr - May
Late Bird
May - Jun
Full price.

What is the Genesis NFC NFT?

Genesis is the first collection of an Artist/Project. You can check the Genesis NFC NFT at OpenSea.

If I hold a Genesis NFT, can I get a ticket for free?

Yes, during phase 1.

If you buy a Genesis ticket after phase 1 ended, you won't be able to get your 100% discount.
In that case, confirm if you hold any partner collection NFTs and get a discount ticket or apply to the waitlist here.

If I hold a genesis ticket can I get multiple tickets?

No, 1 ticket per NFT. Once you claim one ticket that specific NFT is marked as used.

If I hold a partner collection, can I get my ticket?

Yes, during phase 2 until phase 5. Price will increase each phase.
Phase 2 starts in 2023, 4th of January and phase 5 ends in 2023, 7th of June.

To get the ticket you have to hold the Partner collection NFT in the wallet you are using to buy the ticket.

If I don't hold any partner collection, how do I get my ticket?

You can fill the waitlist application form to get a ticket here.

If I join the waitlist on phase 2 do I pay full price?

No, Prices vary depending on the phase, and are the same for everyone. If you get accepted on phase 2 you will get a 90% discount.

If I don’t have a wallet and get accepted on the waiting list how do I get my ticket?

In your acceptance letter, you will receive a Eventbrite promocode to get your ticket.

Are there any special tickets for students?

Yes, you can apply for the student ticket here.

Can I sell my ticket?

Yes, you will be able to sell it one month prior to the event. Secondary market sells open in 8th of May.

Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

If you are unable to attend the event, you can transfer your NFT ticket a month before the event.

Wallet / Payment issues?

What wallet can I use to connect?
Metamask wallet.

Can I pay with all cryptocurrencies?
No, we are currently only accepting Ethereum.

My partner collection wasn’t built on Ethereum, how do I get my ticket?
Reach out to us on discord support to get your Eventbrite promo code.

Ticket claim issues?

Why does it say SOLD OUT when I’m trying to get a ticket?
It means that either you don’t hold one of our partners NFTs or your ticket has been claimed.

I hold one of the Partners collections NFT but it still says SOLD OUT?
You have already bought a ticket with that NFT, if not please reach out to our support on discord.

How do I know if a genesis NFT has claimed a ticket for NFC23?
You can check that in our website by writing the number of the ticket here.
If your question isn’t answered in the FAQs, please reach out to our support in discord here or send us an email to support@nonfungibleconference.com

General info:

Where can I stay in Lisbon? Do you have any hotel recommendations?

Here is the list of our partners hotels and accommodation.

Need help with a VISA to enter Portugal?

If you need a VISA to enter Portugal, NFC can issue a letter confirming your attendance at the event. To request one, please contact support@nonfungibleconference.com

What happens if the event gets canceled?

If the event needs to be canceled due to COVID policy or any other force majeure events. All tickets will be refunded.
If your question isn’t answered in the FAQs, please reach out to our support in discord here or send us an email to support@nonfungibleconference.com