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a renowned digital artist and animator who does a variety of digital artwork including short films

Deekay Motion

Artist / Animator

DeeKay, a former Google/Apple motion designer, now creates art inspired by retro games.



Punk6529, a leading NFT influencer, known for his innovative projects and notable NFT collections.



Ovie Faruq (OSF) went from Wall Street trader to leading crypto artist in the web3 space.

Robby Yung

CEO Animoca Brand

Partner at Animoca Capital and board of Oma3dao

Patrick Amadon


Merges tech with art to explore surveillance, privacy, and data impact on society

Grant Yun


Yun primarily explores daily American life and its many motifs through his art style

Randi Zuckerberg

Founder HUG

A pioneer in technology and media. Creator of Facebook Live and an accomplished Tech Innovator

John Knopf


Emmy-nominated, captures nature's essence in vibrant, minimal edits, featured in National Geographic



An anonymous digital artist and NFT innovator, defies art norms, a leading figure in the field

Sebastien Borget

Co-founder & COO The Sandbox

Champions NFTs and decentralized virtual asset ownership.



Hackatao is an artistic duo experimenting with different techniques and a unique style.

Trevor Jones


He blends traditional art, and NFTs, transforming art collections and bridging physical-virtual gaps



Inspired by psychedelics and dreams, merges comfort with anxiety, influenced by Cambodian roots

Chris Torres

Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat creator, became an internet sensation, symbolizing meme culture and digital art evolution

Jeff Davis

Art Blocks

Merges art with blockchain as an Art Blocks advisor and Daviseditions founder, shaping digital art


COCA / Collector

An art collector in the NFT community who has been involved in NFTs since the era of CryptoKitties.

Live Art

NFT Platform

LiveArt merges realtime artist-audience interaction, blending live performances and digital creation



Blending AI, and biology in art, explores natural systems via NFTs, showcasing his innovative spirit



He is respected in NFT/crypto art, creates vibrant works with deep societal commentary.

Michael Bouhanna


A Sotheby's expert, leads in digital art and NFTs, merging traditional art with blockchain

Kevin Abosch


He explores identity and value in art, blending digital and traditional mediums with blockchain

Jason Kim

LG / Besign

Jason Kim curates LG digital art displays at Frieze, featuring Hirst, Kusama, Banksy, and Ufan.



A UK artist creating art with weird little characters doing a series of weird little things

Botto Hudsonsims


I am Botto, a decentralized, autonomous artist governed by the people.



An artist who makes masks from his meals and then eats them.

Laurence Fuller


Known for “Road To The Well” and HBO's MINX as David Hockney, started in British theatre.



YuLiang Liu 劉·昱良 is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary visual artist.

Rayan Boutaleb

Founder, CEO

Founder of oncyber, the easiest place to create your own mini world with NFTs.

Inna Modja


Malian-French artist, singer-songwriter, actress and activist for women’s rights and climate change

Claire Silver


She blends AI and traditional mediums in art, known for CryptoPunks support and NFT contributions



An anonymous conceptual artist, examines technology, finance, gender, and identity through her art.

Ana Maria Caballero


A poetry NFT gallery where poem= work of art., it onboards acclaimed writers to web3.

Debbie Soon

Co-Founder HUG

Passionate about increasing representation in both arts and technology industries.

Vincent D'Onofrio

Actor / Film Maker

An American actor known for his supporting and leading roles in both film and television.



Italian-Croatian artist/architect, merges classical art with modern tech, a climate/peace advocate



Visual artist creating immersive, dreamlike worlds with miniatures, photo, and video.

Chris Ostoich

Co-Founder and COO Transient Labs

Ostoich is a career builder, with eleven ventures that span SaaS, protocols and commerce


Digital Art Curator

Active in NFTs since March 2021, he has evolved to become one of the recognizable names NFT space

Sandie Zanini

Curator & Gallerist

Spokesperson for the OG crypto artist duo Hackatao. Manager & Curator for several crypto artists

Taha Abbasi

The Brown Cowboy


James Ho

Head of Animoca Ventures

Managing early investments into web3 companies.

Joseph Cooper

Founder and CEO at Earn Alliance

Bubits Dom

Content Creator and Marketer

A developer with more than 5 years of experience and 2 years in creating content

Anjali Young

Co-Founder and CCO

Co-Founder and CCO of Abridged Inc, the makers of Collab.Land, and a DAO Officer of the Collab.Land

Ina Hirzel

Independent Product Professional & Consultant, W3C

A seasoned product professional with over a decade of experience in the tech industry

Emi Kusano


Emi Kusano, a Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, employs AI to merge past and future aesthetics.

Hard Art

Turbo | Chief Spaces Officer

An early crypto investor, art collector, and memecoin core contributor.

Matt Medved

Editor-in-chief NFT Now

He's an editorial leader who connects the dots between content and audience development.

Michael Ros


A dedicated entrepreneur and web3 enthusiast with extensive experience in the travel industry

Lucia Kang

Aeon Studio | Founder & CEO, Crypto Art Seoul | Co-Founder

Her mission is to explore, fortify, and advocate the inherent artistic values of crypto art.

Ethan Pierse

MC / Founder

Founder, Borderless Ventures, Director, The CryptoAssets Institute, Co-Founder, NFT Factory Paris.

Larisa Barbu

COO at Exchange.Art

Started in finance, moved to tech and then tech art. Co-founded Exchange Art in October 2021.

Lapin Mignon

Crypto Artist

Who is Lapin Mignon? C'est moi! CryptoArtist since 2019, but in the Cute Mignon Art since FOREEEEVER

Kenza Zouari

Independent Curator, Head of Community for Unit

Curator, art collector and co-founder of MONO, a pioneering micro-gallery located in Tunis, Tunisia.

Mohamed Ezeldin

Head of Tokenomics Animoca Brands

Jonathan Perkins

Co-Founder and CPO SuperRare Labs

Jonathan's career has spanned art and technology, with a background in digital arts and media.

Vandalo Ruins

Founder of Sewer & NFTcc

Founder of a DAO that has produced over 25 events & galleries focused on NFTs, metaverse, AI, DAOs.

Nizzar Ben Chekroune

Web3 Strategist 🍌 BananaCorp Co Founder

A Trailblazer in WEB3 and NFTs 🌍 Summary

Oliver Loeffler

Entrepreneur & Investor | Forbes 30 under 30

Co-Founder of VOYA Games and BLN Capital, co-Founder and former CTO of Kolibri Games.

Frank Poncelet

Founder Hyperlabs | Venture Capitalist | Angel Investor

A seasoned programmer with over 3 decades of experience involved in the NFT space

Panter Xhita


As an argentinian cryptoartist, she travels the world as a digital nomad in search of inspiration.

James Bloom


London-based artist whose work combines conceptual digital abstraction with original innovations

Marie Robin

Founder at Fleet Collective

Marie is a consultant in innovation marketing with a passion for the future of work.

Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Crypto Artist, Writer and Crypto Art Historian

Award-winning new media and crypto artist co-authored a position paper on crypto art in 2019

Sandrine Decorde


She founded Artcare, after 20 years in leading digital transition in luxury and media industries.


Marketing Lead | FailSafe

Shilling safety to everyone in Web3.

Daniel Heyman

President and Chief Strategy Officer of Candy Digital

President and Chief Strategy Officer of Candy Digital, a next-generation brand engagement platform.

Diego Borgo

Co-Founder at BorgoLabs

Diego Borgo is a Metaverse and Web3 advisor, leading Fortune 500 brands into the Metaverse and Web3.

Diego Di Tommaso

Over the Reality - Co-Founder COO

COO of Over the Reality, the first AR Open Metaverse. With a wealth of experience in Innovation

Gauthier Zuppinger


Gauthier is the author of world famous NFT Market Report published by since 2018.


Partner at 1kx

Pauline Faieff


A passionate artist who cannot be strictly defined who plays with creativity.


Founder - MHL Solutions

A Web3 business and Tokenomics consultant with years of experience as a crypto investor and advisor


Head of Dev Neo Tokyo

A Web3 developer and entrepreneur, going from working on AI/ML problem to solving problems in web3

Shina Foo


Artist, designer. Making Art and curating unique collector experience at Artrade

Rachel Wood

Traveling Photographer, Founder, and Educator

Mo El-Sayed

Head of Community & Education at Ledger | NFT Factory Co-Founder

NFT Collector & Curator, Electronic Music Hobbyist, Web3, Culture & Community

Christian Heeg

Partner at DevelopX and founding member at SeizerDAO.

Firm believer in decentralization and advocate for an open metaverse

Eleonora Brizi

Art Curator

Art Curator | Digital and Crypto Art / NFTs |

Sebastien Heimann

Founder The Good Society

Creating digital collection that has the power to create scalable impact.

Tommy D

Music Producer / Song Writer

TommyD is a music polymath. He is an acclaimed, multi platinum selling music producer, songwriter

Coco Dolle

Digital Curator / Writer

A New York-based digital and fine art curator, writer, creator and advisor featured in FORBES.

Travis Uhrig

Co-founder Curio Cards

An organizer for the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup group and in 2016 held the “Proof of Art"

Sarah Endline

Founder and CEO of Sazzy

A serial founder incubating Sazzy out of her post as an Executive Fellow/EIR at Harvard.

Christian Wermke

Community Manager & Digital Artist

Working since 11 years for Germany's biggest financial daily "Handelsblatt", since 2020.

Jana Mota

Community Builder

A few years experience in the NFT space and spreading the word

Stefania Barbaglio

CEO Cassiopeia Services and FinancialFox

An innovative businesswoman at the intersection of Fintech, Gaming, Identity, AI, and Web3.

Eicke Schütze

Founder PhygiCon

Seasoned Mathematician specialized in cryptography, father, Basketballer and tech enthusiast.

Max Folaron

Co-Founder FineTurtle and AssetCut Inc

Co-Founder of AssetCut Inc - a Web3 Real Estate Tokenization platform

Chantalle Alberstadt

Founder BoredBrands Studio

Chantalle has left her mark in the Web3 space in recent years and earned her spurs as a web3 founder

Ender Diril

Digital & AI-Collaborative Artist

His career began as a digital artist in 2002, continued as a creative director for many agencies

Steven Xoao

Community Manager Cryptoskulls DAO

Community Manager for Cryptoskulls, a historical NFT project and the 2nd 10k PFP after CryptoPunks

Sarojini McKenna

Co-Founder Open Metaverse

CEO of Dacoco GmbH, the largest contributing development company community-based metaverses

Majd Hailat

CEO Altura

A talented young (21 years old) entrepreneur who studied Computer Engineering in Uni. Toronto

Armin ZadakBar

European Web3 Organization | President

A serial entrepreneur, renowned in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Bruno Miranda

Founder & CEO ChiliBangs

Creator of the ChiliBangs brand, the largest web3 community in Portugal

Lionel Dos Santos



Hugo Briand

CTIO at Ekino

20 years of experience building web applications, specializing for 8 years in blockchain technology

Rizzle Rizzle

Founder and Collector

Expert at the intersection of nfts web3 & the open metaverse, believer in decentralization.