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360 experience with undoxxed collectors and artists.


Emperor of the angels


My Blind Talk ” Alotta Money, our blood brother ”

Emperor of the angels


Emperor of the angels

Cozomo de' Medici

Grand patron of the digital arts

Cozomo de' Medici

My Bind Talk ” From Renaissance to Neo-Renaissance ”

Grand patron of the digital arts

Cozomo de' Medici

Grand patron of the digital arts


Decentralized OG Artist


My Blind Talk ” The Story of the Queens and the Kings ”

Decentralized OG Artist


Decentralized OG Artist


"Modern Life is Rubbish" dystopia


My Blind Talk “ Be possessed! History of my creation “

"Modern Life is Rubbish" dystopia


"Modern Life is Rubbish" dystopia


The Nothing


My Blind Talk ” Blind ”

The Nothing


The Nothing


OG NFT Whale


My Blind Talk ” What you need to know about Web 3 communities ”

OG NFT Whale


OG NFT Whale

Pascal Boyart

Artist, Keeper of the Chapelle

Pascal Boyart

My Blind Talk “ Pioneering Street Art NFTs: pushing the Limits ”

Artist, Keeper of the Chapelle

Pascal Boyart

Artist, Keeper of the Chapelle

Claire Silver

AI artist

Claire Silver

AI artist

Claire Silver

AI artist


Fighting for an Open Metaverse


Fighting for an Open Metaverse


Fighting for an Open Metaverse

Expect the unexpected.
Stay tuned for our speakers and artists.

Sebastien Borget

Co-Founder & COO The Sandbox

The Sandbox, the open NFT Metaverse game.

Trevor Jones


Pushing paint & crypto since 2017 and organiser of annual castle parties for art and NFT enthusiasts

Patrick Amadon


Los Angeles Artist. Glitch. SuperRare. Digital since '12


Co-Founder of Canary Labs (Rektguy, Degenz, Tabz)

SuperRare Artist, Co-Host of Rug Radio & Rekt Radio, Ex-HY Trader at Barclays.

Nizzar Ben Chekroune

Web3 Strategist 🍌 BananaCorp Co Founder

A Trailblazer in WEB3 and NFTs 🌍 Summary


Artist & Co-Founder of Rektguy, Tabz.

Sex, Death & Psychedelics

Robby Yung

CEO Investments, Animoca Brands

Talks about NFTs, Web3, Blockchain, Game Industry, and Blockchain gaming

Lapin Mignon

Crypto Artist

Who is Lapin Mignon? C'est Moi! CryptoArtist since 2019, but in the Cute Mignon Art since FOREEEEEVE

John Knopf


Professional Dream Chaser | Photographer | National Geographic |

Jonathan Perkins

Co-Founder and CPO SuperRare Labs

"Jonathan's career has spanned art and technology, with a background in digital arts and media


Founder of Zen Academy

Zeneca is an educator, advisor, collector and builder in the NFT space.


Founder of RugRadio

Another web3 and gm enthusiast here to create, collect, learn, and vibe, while building RugRadio.



Class of 2017 Cryptoart, Stereoscopic 3D Art, Digital art collecting and curating degenerate.

Inna Modja

Founder of Codegreen

Founder of codegreen_nft and Head of Philanthropy for worldofwomennft. YGL of the WEF.

Shannon Snow

COO World of Women

An evangelist and public speaker on Web3, the Metaverse

Dave Krugman


Brooklyn-based photographer and creative director.

Matt Medved

Co-Founder, CEO & EIC at nft now

Co-Founder, CEO & EIC, @nftnow 🌐 Creator, Collector & Curator ✍️

Pauline Faieff


A passionate artist who cannot be strictly defined who plays with creativity.



Uneducated artist.

Micol Ap

CEO & Founder, VerticalCrypto Art

CEO & Founder of VerticalCrypto Art , founded June of 2020, a web3 native platform for art & culture

Dr. Gigi Graziosi Casimiro

Decentraland Fdn

Head of the Metaverse Fashion Week and Senior Producer at Decentraland Fdn. I believe in #lovechain.

Dom Smith

Co-Founder of Superduper (Overlord/Creepz)

Building web3-powered entertainment to 100m fans

Diego Borgo

Diego Borgo

Metaverse and NFT advisor, leading Fortune 500 brands into the Metaverse and NFT space.



I make meals into masks and then I eat them.

Joe Carnell

Co-Founder of Superduper (Overlord/Creepz)

Bringing web3-powered entertainment to 100m+ fans

Krista Kim

Co-founder of 0_metaverse

Founder and cco of 0.xyz, creator of mars house, the continuum tour, founder of the techism movement

Raluca Cherciu

CEO at unpaired

An award-winning entrepreneur and CEO & co-founder of Unpaired

Benoit Couty

NFT Factory co-founder

Cryptoart collector / MoCA founder / 0x4rt co-founder / NFT Factory

Rémy Bigot

Monter Son Business Entrepreneur, webmarketer, author, show presenter

Entrepreneur, webmarketer, author, show presenter



Artist bridging our cultural past & present while discussing issues of representation.

Carlos Marcial


Artem ex machina | Provenance rules everything around me.

Shavonne Wong


Shavonne Wong is a 3D Virtual Model Creator and an Artist in the NFT space.


Co-Founder of Canary Labs (Rektguy, Degenz, Tabz)

Co-Host of Rug Radio & Rekt Radio, Ex-HY Trader at Barclays.

Vector Meldrew


Artist & Co-Founder of the BroadsideNFT.

Brian O'Hagan

Growth Lead at Sorare

I'm leading growth at Sorare - the global fantasy football game.


Marketplace Operations

Marketplace Operations at Nifty Gateway

Virginia Valenzuela


Web3 journalist and guest lecturer with Sotheby’s Institute and BAI

Anjali Young

Co Founder Collab.Land

Co-Founder & CCO Abridged Collab.Land


OM100m, 6529Capital, Unofficialmfers

Building OM100m & 6529Capital. Digital ownership & property rights at unofficialmfers




Conlan Rios

Founder, CEO of AsyncArt

Summoner of NFT Scribe & Former Metaverse land developer

Aleksandra Artamonovskaja

Curator, Partnerships at Joynxyz

Aleksandra is a London-based curator and creative producer currently leading partnerships at Joynxyz

Pierre Nicolas Hurstel

CEO & Co-Founder Arianee

CEO & Co-Founder Arianee

Richard Hobbs

Founder & CEO at Brand New Vision Ltd

C Level fashion industry professional with 30+ years experience on a global scale.

Victor Perez

Co-Founder of Human Divergence

Co-Founder of Human Divergence


Co-Founder at ThirdGate & NFT Factory

Co-Founder at ThirdGate & NFT Factory, web2 entrepreneur now building in web3


Founder & Artist at FangGangNFT

Creative Director living on the blockchain


Artist|Founder of WeirdoGhostGang

Artis and Founder of WeirdoGhostGang

Jürgen Alker

Advising brands. Co-Founder NFT Studio

Co-Founder NFT Studio, passion for Web3, NFTs & Metaverse.

Leila Hurstel

Board Member and Chief Metaverse Officer at VerseEstate

Chief Metaverse Officer at VerseEstate, Founder AllStarsWomenDAO

Soufia Trabelsi

Head of Web3 Gaming

Head of Web3 Gaming, Venture/ Foundation Capital, Outlier Ventures Mentor

Rebekka Revel

Co-Founder NFT Club Berlin

Community development at the intersections of web3 and art

Vicktoria Klich

Co-founder w3.fund

Changing the way people think about web3

José Ramos

Doctor - Psychiatrist and Landscape photographer

Landscape Photographer / Storyteller / Psychiatryst MD

Anna Graf

Innovation lead web3| Arvato Systems

I love to talk about: sustainability, innovation, the future, NFTs

Chris Hortsch

Founder of NFT Lab Berlin

Lift future brands into web3

Gauthier Zuppinger

COO / Co-founder of NonFungible.com

I analyse NFT markets since January 2018...

Paul Mouginot


Tech Director & Founder

Olivier Moingeon

Co-Founder of Exclusible

Seasoned luxury executive with over 18 years of experience

Josh Williams

Co-Founder at Stay365

Building the future of real estate and travel in web3

Diego Di Tommasso

Co-Founder & COO at OVR

Over the Reality.

Orlando Gaul

Managing Director and Co-founder of NFTees

The first ever physical and digital #WYN clothing brand #DressToFlex

Illan Knafou

Cofounder & CEO at HumanDivergence

Play the Game.


Founder & Artists at FangGangNFT

NFT degen since March '21

Henry the Grape

Council of Kongz CyberKongz

Formerly NFTYoda, Veteran, Dad, Non Fungible Idiot

Paul Price

Founder of on3,

Founder of on3, the leading Web3 rewards and loyalty platform

Emi Kusano


Artist who deals tech, Japanese pop culture & nostalgia

Ruff Draft


Passion for developing and capturing perfect moments

Rachel Wood

Photographer & Founder of ArtverseProject

creati written and visual content for individuals and brands

Steven Xoao

CryptoSkulls DAO Community Manager

XOAO | CryptoSkulls DAO Community Manager | Designer | Founder | Ordinals

Noé Caporal

Web3 Product Marketing Manager at Ledger

Web3 Product Marketing Manager at Ledger

Mo El-Sayed

Head of Community & Education at Ledger | NFT Factory Co-Founder

NFT Collector & Curator, Electronic Music Hobbyist, Web3, Culture & Community

Jerome de Tychey

Founder CEO @Cometh

Founder CEO @Cometh - President @Ethereum-France - Associate Professor @Cnam

Joanne Hollings


life begins beyond your comfort zone. photographer based in New Zealand.

Iness Rychlik


Conceptual self-portraits – turning skin disease into art and other stories.

Kirill Pobedin


Photographer • Curator • Collector • Founder @theframesociety



not your average yoga teacher ॐ heart driven creative ♡

Nikita Cikaluk

Social Contract Engineer

Host at RugRadio, OriGensXYZ and Writer at Forbes, Cointelegraph

Jessica Artemysia

Rewards & Creators Program Builder at RugRadio

Rewards & Creators Program Builder atRugRadio, Author, poet,

Joel Comm

Blockchain Keynote Speaker, Advisor and Content Creator

#1 Web3 & Blockchain Keynote Speaker, Advisor and Content Creator

Bilal El Alamy

CEO at PyratzLabs

Redefining Ownership - CEO @PyratzLabs & Chairman @Equisafe, Dogami & BBSchool



Biological Generative Art

Erin Cell

Passionate about #NFTs

Passionate about #NFTs 🛩 🎶🍷💕 my 🐾 Find me @TheNiFTyChicks @SociallyPowered

Jesus del Valle

Head of Business Disruption, Bayer Pharma

Physicist, PhD Biologist, Love for anything new, It's never too late to love or to rebel

Coming Soon ...


Sach Chandaria

Founder of Emotionalism

Founder of Emotionalism

Andreas Bigert

Web3 Music Ownership, Head of Community & Growth, Keynote speaker

Own a piece of world-renowned songs, music NFTs

James Morgan

Co-founder of KnownOrigin

Building out KO and the eBay NFT platform Collector of beautiful digital art

Rémy Bompar

Strategy & Operations Manager @The Sandbox | Co-founder @Heroez

Ops Manager @TheSandboxGame | Founder @heroez_gg | Metaverse enthusiast

Christian Heeg

Partner at DevelopX and founding member at SeizerDAO.

Firm believer in decentralization and advocate for an open metaverse

Livia Elektra

Artist and Founder

Woman in Crypto | Founder | Artist | AI

Raul Cerezo de la Puente

CEO & Founder, AVØLVE

Metaverse Creative Solutions Director, EMEA @LandVault

Johan Lolos

Founder @NFTPhotograph

I photograph the world as I see it • NFTs

Rani Jabban

Managing Director at Arab Bank Switzerland

Into Crypto. Passionate about Art

Viktoriya Melnikova

Head of Creators Relationships

Head of Creators Relationships/NFT curator

Svetlana Yakunina

Founder of digital fashion studio, Metaverse strategist, Luxury & Fashion consultant

fashion, tech, web3

Rachita Joshi

Founder, Shrub Finance

Do what you love coz life is short.

Mark Lee

CMO at SynFutures and Avid NFT Collector

Web3 & DeFi

Eleonora Brizi

Art Curator

Art Curator | Digital and Crypto Art / NFTs | breezyart.io

Alexander Guy

Head of Growth @ Zerion

Alex is a reformed web2 growth marketer turned NFT degen.