Blind Talks.
360 experience with undoxxed collectors and artists.


Emperor of the angels


My Blind Talk ” Alotta Money, our blood brother ”

Emperor of the angels


Emperor of the angels

Cozomo de' Medici

Grand patron of the digital arts

Cozomo de' Medici

My Bind Talk ” From Renaissance to Neo-Renaissance ”

Grand patron of the digital arts

Cozomo de' Medici

Grand patron of the digital arts


Decentralized OG Artist


My Blind Talk ” The Story of the Queens and the Kings ”

Decentralized OG Artist


Decentralized OG Artist


"Modern Life is Rubbish" dystopia


My Blind Talk “ Be possessed! History of my creation “

"Modern Life is Rubbish" dystopia


"Modern Life is Rubbish" dystopia


The Nothing


My Blind Talk ” Blind ”

The Nothing


The Nothing


OG NFT Whale


My Blind Talk ” What you need to know about Web 3 communities ”

OG NFT Whale


OG NFT Whale

Pascal Boyart

Artist, Keeper of the Chapelle

Pascal Boyart

My Blind Talk “ Pioneering Street Art NFTs: pushing the Limits ”

Artist, Keeper of the Chapelle

Pascal Boyart

Artist, Keeper of the Chapelle

Claire Silver

AI artist

Claire Silver

AI artist

Claire Silver

AI artist


Fighting for an Open Metaverse


Fighting for an Open Metaverse


Fighting for an Open Metaverse

Expect the unexpected.
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Paul Lee

Founder & Creative Director of Heritart, Web3 Art Metaverse Project

CEO of Immersive Contents Studio, Totality, Founder of Heritart

Sarah Monson

Founder/CEO GEN-X NFTs

CEO GEN-X NFTs, Woman in WEB3/Crypto/NFT Advocate, Mom in Crypto/NFTs

Burkhard Müller

Mutabor, CDO

Learned to code at 10, love design, music and photography

Ibrahim Kaya

Co-Founder / Managing Director at Suji Games

Co-Founder @spinbladeio

Jeff Davis

Artist / Chief Creative @artblocks_io

Artist / Chief Creative at Art Blocks / Founder at Davis Editions


Creator and curator

Alice on chain, creator, curator, & dreamer 🐇 Community @artnet (they/them) 👾

Gordon Berger


Gordon Berger is documenting the evolution of the Crypto Art movement through art since 2012

Dani Loftus

founder & ceo @pronounceddrop

imaginary influencer @thisoutfitdoesnotexi st, investor @red___

Lemny Perez

Writer, Actress, Psychologist

Dr. Lemny Perez is an Afro-Dominican writer, actress, psychologist, abstract NFT

Iona Bielby

Partnerships Lead @ Fair.xyz

An art historian with a specialisation in the intersection of art and technology

Jesse Rosenblatt

COO of Gen-X NFTs

Creative Strategist | Entertainment Lawyer | Hall of Fame Dad | Philanthropist |


Web3 & Psychology

Empowering you to gain what you seek | Web3 & Psychology

Sebastien Montabonel

Chair Of The Board Of Trustees Art Institutions of the 21st Century

Chair of the Board of Trustees,Cultural Strategy,Contemporary Art,Philanthropy

Olivier Legris

Co-Founder CRVE

Co-Founder CRVE. Web3 agency NYC/LDN/PRS for the next 1 billion users

Legendary Collector

Founder of @airdropszn

Exploring crypto since 2016. Sharing my knowledge about Web3, AI and NFTs.

Frank Poncelet

Founder Hyperlabs

Making Animation movies, Drone pilot, 3D printing, NFT Artist & Collector

Josef Brenchley

MASSA Blockchain

Josef possesses personal involvement withing the web3 industry that stretches several years.

Kayvan Ghaffari

General Counsel of MakersPlace, a premier NFT marketplace

Kayvan Ghaffari is general counsel MakersPlace, a premier NFT marketplace.

Blake Medulan

CTO Clancyworld

Blake Medulan is a technical sherpa with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry.

Jocelyn Braun

Chief Executive Officer at Lama Technology

25 years as an executive and entrepreneur in financial services.

Brigham Santos

Chief Operation Officer

10 years administrating FinTech projects, responsable of every day operation at Lamatechnology group

Naomi White

Co-Founder of neon-soaked fantasy universe, STARKADE

Naomi, designer and entrepreneur that uses community and brand IP to create positive change.

James White

Co-Founders of neon-soaked fantasy universe, STARKADE

James White draws on his love of the 80s to build cosmic and kick-ass visions.

Sami Chlagou

CEO chez Cross the ages

CEO at crosstheages | Video game producer | #BAYC 8185 | #Nft addict

Marylee Burman


Travel & lifestyle phototographer, “Ephemeral” NFT collection available on foundation

Ethan Pierse

Co-Founder, NFT Factory

Co-Founder, NFT Factory / MC and Keynote Speaker /

Thomas Wu

CFO at CoinList

CFO at CoinList


CEO at Rug Radio

CEO @ Rug Radio | tech entrepreneur | DAO advocate

Paul Clement

Co-Founder of Resident Advisor

@residentadvisor founder.

Mark Hendrickson

Product Lead for Hiro Wallet

Mark is a product leader who lives in Barcelona, Spain

Brian Tsang

Co-Founder Monocles.ai (Google for Web3) Ex Product Lead at Rarible, Upshot

Prior Head of Data at Rarible, Early Uber Data Science

Toni Thai Sterrett

Creator and Founder of Bad Grrls Creative Club

A filmmaker, photographer, digital creative and web3 founder of Bad Grrls Creative Club

Ismail Tazi

Digital Renaissance Enthusiast

Talks about web3, craft, design, generative art, and decentralization

Benoit Couty

Attorney - Pichard et Associés

Cryptoart collector / MoCA founder / 0x4rt co-founder / NFT Factory co-founder and Art Director

Morgan Zion

CMO of Alpha Girl Club

Morgan Zion is a creative leader, CEO of Alpha Girl Club, and accomplished artist.


Content Creator

Run a web3 agency that provides development solutions for projects.

Jacob Brubaker

Game Developer

Creating a game to play while you wait for the next episode of a kick-ass cartoon you’ll love

Abhi Raheja

Chief of Staff CyberConnectHQ

Seeker | Learner | Sharer

Ilia Glcn

CEO of WEB 3.0 Agency

NFT & Metaverse Enthusiast and Collector

George Basiladze

Founder of Wert io

Dominika Cuda

Nude Neighbourhood

Lilly Albaab

Yoga Teacher

heart driven creative

Anas Bhurtun

Founder, Lawyer and Podcast Host

Leading Web3 adoption in the Middle East.

Jean-Michel Pailhon

Founder NFTFactoryParis & FranceFintech

Making digital on-chain art (NFT) more accessible to Institutions, Collectors & Investors

Ana Laura Barata

Former Partner at XP Inc

Forbes Under 30

Ivona Tau

PhD in AI

Award-winning generative AI/GAN artist. Trains own models.


Artist, Hacker, Magician

Conjuring one-of-a-kind masterpieces at the intersection of art, code, and innovation.


NFT artist

Digital Painting, Sculpting & illustrations

Tom Boyle

Chief Marketing Officer TJBLFG

Jukebox Advisor

Zack Ritchie

Founder of Cacticrew

Nft Club & Ritch Studio

Alexis Foucault

Co-founder & Creative Director Axis Mundi Art

Tom-Jacques Perret

Co-founder Creative NFT studio UVL

Eclectic Method


VIDEO REMIX and AI ♻️📼📺 #EclecticGlitch


Audiovisual Artist

i music // i animate | Electronic Music | Audiovisual Artist @RolandGlobal affiliated artist |

Jose Delbo

professional comic book artist

89 year old professional comic book artist for over 70 years and now Crypto Artist


Artist & Designer

French Artist & Designer , Building the O'verse

Charlie Stratford Rex

Co-creator BroadsideNFT

Metaverse Terrorist, Decentralization Maxi



Artist - Blockchain mythology 💎 SuperRare 🐸 Fake Rares 🔺️Cult of CryptoArt

Franck Dupont

Cofounder OpenGem

Talks about NFTs and Blockchain

Mr Richie

Digital artist

Digital artist spraying street art across the metaverse

Quentin Guillemin

COO at EXA Lab

Accompanying people to digital possession thanks to NFTs



Artist, Architect, Antique ancestor of a civilization from a far future

Ted Nivan

CEO Exa Market

Talks about NFTs and Blockchain



Vhils aka Alexandre Farto



ᴅᴇᴄᴇɴᴛʀᴀʟɪᴢᴇᴅ sᴏᴜl- ⛓ @geniusc0rp



Music and visuals from the 3rd world to the web3

Neal Roberts


Talks about NFTs Gaming and Blockchain



Punk Artist | Sculptor | Animator | Collector | http://angietaylor.co.uk/gallery 🏳️‍🌈 #cRyPtoaRT

Matt Humphrey

Photographer & Filmmaker

Talks about Photography, NFT Photography, and Entertainment

Ana Isabel

Founder NFT Goddess

Photographer and Art collector empowering women

Victor Esteves

Medical Doctor

9 to 5 Medical Doctor, 5 to 9 Photographer

Pedro Herrera

Web3 Researcher and Advisor

Metaverse, Games, NFTs, DeFi evangelist and enthusiast, Blockchain solutions for sustainability


Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist

bullish on mental health in crypto and web3

Enara Nazarova

Founder at ARMOAR

Top 30 Voice in the Metaverse | Web3 + Metaverse Marketing Specialist

Sebastien Heimann

Founder The Good Society

creating digital collection that has the power to create scalable impact.



Former oil painter, longtime programmer. Bewitched by density, plants and trees.

Rae Isla


Musician building in Web3

Alex Shcherbina


Marketing / Web3 / Media Art

Jorge Pesok

Chief Legal Officer

Chief Compliance Officer - Board Member - Advisor - Friend


Senior AI Dev

Chris Lehto

CEO UAP Society

YouTuber - Retired F-16 pilot investigating Unexplained Phenomena - CEO UAP Society

Lukas Weniger

Co-Founder bei Youba

Edward Zipco

Director / Co-Founder of Superchief Gallery NFT

Director / Co-Founder of Superchief Gallery NFT

Soniya Ahuja

Web3 Enthusiast

Building an equitable, inclusive future for Web3

Theo Goodman


The power of Zeus - The fury of Hades


AI Artist

I am a neo-dadaist AI Artist bot remixing power dada drawings and making NFTs since 2019.

Herve Delhumeau

Founder Monograma

Human Artivist and Collector

Omar Z. Robles


NYC based Photographer• Adobe Lightroom & Leica Ambassador

Alexis ‎Olin (Darklunni)


Artist & photographer. Creator: Meditation Rabbit, Artist: Nephel’s Dream project, Founder: Métrique

zack Deris

Founder & CEO of ZDTS

Strategic Advisor | Chief Growth Officer | Certified LinkedIn Web3 Educator

Anna Ladyshenski

Executive's Partner Page

Board member of the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute that works on facilitating blockchain adoption

Rodolfo Quijano

web3 & Metaverse lead at Henkel

Generative AI enthusiast, passionate about Design, thinking and innovation

Crystal Petit

Artistic Director

vibrant and versatile Paris-based Artistic Director


Curator & Event specialist

Working alongside creatives to establish an impactful press.

Adrien Potencier

International Influence Group Manager chez Hennessy

International Influence Group Manager chez Hennessy

Benjamin Bardou

Digital Artist

Benjamin Bardou is a french digital artist whose work deals with themes of the city and memory.

BBA.eth ‎

NFT collector and web3 builder

NFT collector and web3 builder. Idea guy. BAYC apefluencer. ELITE APE. XCOPY maximalist.

Benjamin Charbit

Co-founder and CEO Life Beyond Metaverse

Co-founder & CEO at Life Beyond Studios (Animoca Brands) | Combining AAA Gaming, Web3 and Metaverse

Bernado Carla

NFT Photography Collector

NFT photography collector and founder of B-SIDE community.

Caroline Johnova

Multi-disciplinary creative tech leader

As the co-founder and CEO of WAGMI Guide, a mobile platform that helps users discover and connect.